Starting on the dot at seven

and rolling on until eleven

converting Spy Southwilliam street into heaven

it’s Electric Relaxation two and a half

In Soundcheck this Thursday come have a laugh

With the “Improv, she wrote…” comedy troupe

Cloud Castle Lake playing acoustic again too… wwwwWoop!

Matt Martin and Darragh Murphy will be getting singy and strummy

There’ll be hummus and carrot sticks and cakes which are yummy

Not to mention mad beats from all your fave DeeJayers

and MARIO KART PROJECTED for all yall mad players

Face Painting like none you’ve seen before

not even in Players, not even at War

And there will be even more fly art

we’ll be making an Electric Relaxation banner

of which you NEED to be a part

So after college/work/sitting in your favourite tree

hop, skip, and jump down with glee

let’s help pass the time until ElecRelax three

Because as always it’s fun an as always, it’s free.


DeeJays include: Ronan Hayes, Andrew Bannister, Darragh McLoughlin, Stevie McDermott, Patrick Dexter & Michael Hennessy. IF you haven’t heard them yet, do. They are ALL CLASS and will be banging out old school hip hop, funk, jazz, disco, indie, electronica, reggae, and you wouldn’t know what else sure!

Mario Kart will obviously be on the N64.

Hummus and Carrots will be free, Cakes will be free with optional donations given towards the F-ter party fund.

Facebook event: http://short.ie/eleck

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