The film premiere of the year



This week at SoundCheck, it’s the film premiere of the year. That’s right, Mark from The Room (oh hai) has recorded a video especially for SoundCheck which we will be screening in all its glory.

Bring your Facebook doppelganger into real life, stroll our red carpet, hounded only by the paps and free booze we shall be providing.

DJs, nice people, dancing, €10 bottles of wine, 2-for-1 cocktails, cupcakes, the freshest music, popcorn and much happiness awaits.


7 Responses to “The film premiere of the year”

  1. lamb Says:

    Oh hi guys.
    What time will you be screening the movie on Thursday?

  2. unarocks Says:

    Oh hi Lamb, yes we will indeed be screening the Room this Thursday.

  3. lamb Says:

    Great but at what time will the movie be kicking off?

  4. unarocks Says:

    8 bells

  5. Eva Says:

    Oh hi Soundcheck!

    Can’t make it this Thursday, but I’ve heard this runs every Thursday? Please say it’s so!

    Nice doggie!

  6. Soundcheck Says:

    Why yes, it does! See you next week? Become a fan on Facebook for more info 🙂

  7. Soundcheck Says:

    We’re not actually playing The Room again until March 18th – click on the link above to stay in the loop 🙂

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