June 4, 2010 by

You may have noticed that SoundCheck is on hiatus at the mo, but that shouldn’t stop you coming to The Room at the Sugar Club tonight! Midnight screening mofuckas!

More news soon – promize x


May 4, 2010 by


SoundCheck’s 2nd birthday is this Thursday (May 6th) and as a special treat for all you SoundCheckers, we’ve flown Greg Sestero (aka Mark from The Room) in for a special screening of The Room and a Q&A about one of the most talked about movies around.

Obviously, it’s going to be amazing.

Along with this, we’ve got a rake of your favourite SoundCheck DJs along to let you boogie til the lights come on.

7pm – late. Rock and roll.


April 21, 2010 by

Come bathe in the beer garden this Thursday and drink ash-free cocktails and wine (unless you’re smoking, then technically, there will be ash in them.) Bliss out to the awesome tunes we will be playing down there. They are positively volcanic. Ok, enough volcano stuff, no, wait…

Anyway, SoundCheck has just about recovered from playing an EPIC three hour set at the Warzone (oh hai WAR!) at the Trinity Ball. Thanks to everyone who came down and rocked out with us, and for the organisers for having us (sorry for drinking all of your beer) we had a BLAST.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, check out Una’s top five Irish acts right now over on Nialler9’s bloggy.

SoundCheck ❤

Bloggers ATTACK!

April 7, 2010 by

At SoundCheck this Thursday (April 8th) some awesome music bloggers descend upon South William St to kindly attack your ears with awesome music.

There will be DJ sets from SoundCheck residents UnaRocks and MGNT as well as guest sets from

The Bubble Boy
Platinum Jones

As always, it’s free in before 11pm, with bottles of vino just €10 before 9 and 2-for-1 cocktails before 11pm. Best tunes in town, yo.

South William St VVIP Awards

March 30, 2010 by


Ok, so we’ve been a little bit shite at posting recently, but we’ve had some GIANT SoundChecks including the epicness that was Paddy Monster.

But that was the past, my friends, now to the future. The inaugural South William St VVIP Awards are taking place at SoundCheck this Thursday. In order to clear up confusion, interest, and strange sexy messages we’ve been getting about this event, here are some SWSVVIPs FAQs.

Is this a joke?
While we’re well aware that this Thursday is April Fool’s Day, soz babes, the VVIPs are for real. This is a real ceremony with real people, real booze, real awards, and real, you know, realness. Reality, basically.

Will there be midgets?
Ask Brian Spollen.

Should I be offended if I’ve been nominated?
Not if you have any grasp of irony.

Should I be offended if I haven’t been nominated?

What can I expect on the night?
A good laugh and hopefully some naked mud/jelly wrestling. Also, many surprises, some possibly unpleasant.

OMG I’m in, what’s the damage?
It’s free, dumbass.

If I like it, should I put a ring on it?
Uh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh.

Most importantly, what’s the dress code?
Late 80s-recession-depression era-sequins-part-Ghandi-part-Harlem Globetrotter-post-McQueen-militant vegan-Gucci power lesbian-informally formal-animal costumed-post-tuxedo-frustrated banking executive-circus ringmaster-relevent irelevent post-ironic-hot farmer-cracker knacker-1940s Disney-astronaut.

The South William St VVIPs, Thursday, April 1st, SPY, 7pm, please arrive early for maximum awesomeness.

SoundChick, March 4th

February 25, 2010 by

Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8th, SoundCheck presents the latest in our SoundChick series, where the rockingest of Chicks descend on South William St for some SoundChick fun! Expect a night of awesome tunes, grrrrl power, dancing, free cup cakes, ten euro bottles of wine (danger), 2-for-1 cocktails (more danger) and general female merriment.

SPECIAL GUEST SOUNDCHICK DJs (in alphabetical order)
Aine Macken (ait Ait, Cake)
Anna Carey (Irish Times)
Alison Curtis (Today FM)
Aoife Mc (2XM)
Baby H (SoundCheck)
Bernie Divilly (Glider)
Corina ‘Wreck Da’ Gaffey (Gossip)
Jenny Huston (2fm)
Liana (Comes As Soon As You Hear)
Lisa Connell (SoundCheck, Coin Operated Girl)
Loreana Rushe (Cassette, Pandamonium)
MayKay (Fight Like Apes)
Meadzer (DJing debut!)
Michelle Doherty (Phantom)
Nadine O’Regan (Phantom)
Rachel Boye (SoundCheck debut!)
Ruth Kavanagh (SoundCheck)
Spaghetti Cat (aka Lucy)
TainerBang (SoundCheck)
UnaRocks (SoundCheck resident)
Valerie Francis (Choice Music Prize nominee of amazingness)
Vicky Shekleton (SoundCheck debut!)

We’ll also be screening TANK GIRL in the Black Bar for your entertainment.



February 23, 2010 by
Starting on the dot at seven

and rolling on until eleven

converting Spy Southwilliam street into heaven

it’s Electric Relaxation two and a half

In Soundcheck this Thursday come have a laugh

With the “Improv, she wrote…” comedy troupe

Cloud Castle Lake playing acoustic again too… wwwwWoop!

Matt Martin and Darragh Murphy will be getting singy and strummy

There’ll be hummus and carrot sticks and cakes which are yummy

Not to mention mad beats from all your fave DeeJayers

and MARIO KART PROJECTED for all yall mad players

Face Painting like none you’ve seen before

not even in Players, not even at War

And there will be even more fly art

we’ll be making an Electric Relaxation banner

of which you NEED to be a part

So after college/work/sitting in your favourite tree

hop, skip, and jump down with glee

let’s help pass the time until ElecRelax three

Because as always it’s fun an as always, it’s free.


DeeJays include: Ronan Hayes, Andrew Bannister, Darragh McLoughlin, Stevie McDermott, Patrick Dexter & Michael Hennessy. IF you haven’t heard them yet, do. They are ALL CLASS and will be banging out old school hip hop, funk, jazz, disco, indie, electronica, reggae, and you wouldn’t know what else sure!

Mario Kart will obviously be on the N64.

Hummus and Carrots will be free, Cakes will be free with optional donations given towards the F-ter party fund.

Facebook event:

The film premiere of the year

February 9, 2010 by


This week at SoundCheck, it’s the film premiere of the year. That’s right, Mark from The Room (oh hai) has recorded a video especially for SoundCheck which we will be screening in all its glory.

Bring your Facebook doppelganger into real life, stroll our red carpet, hounded only by the paps and free booze we shall be providing.

DJs, nice people, dancing, €10 bottles of wine, 2-for-1 cocktails, cupcakes, the freshest music, popcorn and much happiness awaits.

SoundCheck of a System Breakdown

January 28, 2010 by

Sounds of a System Breakdown DJing tonight, woohoo!

Don’t forget the Room is on at 8.30pm too.

We got all your favourite quality booze for cheap cheap including €10 bottles of wine and 2-for-1 cocktails. Don’t say we never do nuffink for yiz.


January 14, 2010 by

Eistigi! Tar go SoundCheck an Deardoin seo agus bigi reidh do craic awesomacht… Beidh Ceol Ar An Imeall, clar ceol nua ar TG4 in ar phictiurlann sa Seomra Dubh suas staghaire ag 8pm, AGUS beidh AN SEOMRA ar siul in a dhiadh sin timpeall 9.30pm.

 Chomh maith le sin, beidh bannai a thog phairt i gCeol Ar An Imeall ar na decks; Delorentos, Grand Pocket Orchestra, We Cut Corners, Herm, PHILTH agus nios mo. Agus, dar ndoigh, beidh UnaRocks agus FionnTimes aka McGint ag casadh freisin.

Ta go loir dioch maith le fail; nil buideal fion ach €10 go dti 9pm, agus nuair a cheannaoinn tu manglam amhain gheobhaidh tu ceann amhain eile saor in aisce go dti 11pm.


 Listen up! Come to SoundCheck this Thursday and get ready for some awesome fun. We’ll be previewing Ceol Ar An Imeall, TG4’s new music programme in our cinema in the Black Room upstairs at 8pm, and THE ROOM will be screening after that at around 9.30pm.

As well as that, bands appearing in Ceol Ar An Imeall will be DJing on the night including; Delorentos, Grand Pocket Orchestra, We Cut Corners, Herm, PHILTH and many more. And, of course, UnaRocks and FionnTimes will be playing too.

There’s loads of good booze; bottles of wine are only €10 up to 9pm, and cocktails are two for one until 11pm. ROCK. —