SoundCheck kicks off December


Tis the season to be SoundCheckin’!

Drop into Spy from 7pm tonight for a stellar SoundCheck line-up featuring UnaRocks, FionnTimes aka Magint, Platinum Jones and Ragin Spice delivering you the best indie, disco, electro, pop and everything inbetween (and often beyond.)

We’ve got the best movie in the history of the world THE ROOM screening at 8.30pm, a free cupcake buffet, €10 bottles of wine before 9pm, 2-for-1 cocktails before 11pm, and a host of drink specials after 11pm, like €4 beers and €4 vodka and splash. Howdja like that!

If you’re thinking of heading along to the LGBT Noise protest outside the Dail from 6pm, feel free to drop into SoundCheck after for a drink and a chat. SoundCheck is a polysexual zone. Likewise, if you’re rocking your Mo at the Movember Gala Ball tonight, rock in before or after to show your fine face furniture. We do appreciate a well-groomed, if hairy, man.

SoundCheck is free in before 11pm, and just a fiver after. And we rock til LATE! See yiz there.


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