It’s what Marilyn would have wanted.



This Thursday we’ve got a banging line-up that includes Mimi Rouge (Partie Monster), Gavin Kerins, Al Coleman (flying in from Barcelona!), Will St. Leger (who also did our awesome flyer!), Quigo, SuperSuperDisco (Tripod) and Soundcheck residents for a night of debauched cupcake abuse and cheap booze, worked off with careless dancing to funtime tunes.

Plus what better way to outdo Madonna’s tribute to MJ than by playing MOONWALKER with free popcorn?? It’s starts at 8pm in the (doesn’t matter if it’s White or) Black Room…

As usual we’ll also have the fiver cocktails flyin out til 11pm and tenner bottles of wine available til 9pm. We’ll also be welcoming back Miss UnaRocks from her star stalking in LA!

Don’t forget, Le Cirque will also be kicking it from 11pm… Don’t miss it.

Last but not least, big thanks to Will St Leger for the Monroe flyer amazingness!

Here’s the Facebook event….. Respondez-vooz!


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