July 30th: Smell Ya Later :(



This Thursday, SoundCheck says goodbye to one of our founding fathers, Sarah J Fox.

Sarah started SoundCheck with me more than a year ago, and we have had serious fun times since, so it’s with a heavy heart and a full beer mug that we say goodbye.

Of course, SoundCheck rocks, but I understand Sarah’s reasons for leaving. She has been banging on about becoming Ireland’s first bass-playing naked nun and spiritual leader in the Church of Phil Lynott for too long, so who are we to hold her back?

Let’s just hope she has a skin-sensitive guitar strap.

To see Sarah off, we have an all-star line-up featuring SoundCheck favourites Dublin Streets, the debut of Phantom 105.2’s Roisin ‘RoRo’ O’Dea, Ed Mackey, our homie DJ Swine Flu, SoundCheck resident FionnTimes, myself (UnaRocks) and of course, SARAH FOX!

Also kicking off on the night, we’ve got the NCAD buoys and gulls party.

There will be beers, happy tears, cupcakes, 2-for-1 cocktails, €10 bottles of wine, the finest indie in town, dancing, possible riots. 7pm – LATE with Le Cirque taking over Wax from 11pm. TWO CLUBS FOR FIVE QUID! Fiver in after 11pm, free in before.


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