the A – Z of SoundCheck


A – is for Apple Martinis so sweet and so yummy
B – is for Boozing outside when it’s sunny
C – is for Cupcakes we smash in people’s faces
D – is for dancing which SoundCheck embraces
E – is for Emerge because Fischerspooner rock
F – is for French Fancies we like them a lot
G – is for keeping it G at all times
H – is for Hippo just cos it rhymes
I – is for Intelligent music for the masses
J – is for Jaeger we drink in small glasses
K – is for Kicking out the jams
L – is for Le Cirque the club that Jane mans
M – is for Mental! the sign of a good night
N – is for NOW because the moment is right
O – is for Ophelia who rocks the mic live
P – is for People, the bees in our hive
Q – is for Quigo who is known to go loony
R – is for Remedy, our homie called Mooney
S – is for Sarah Fox the Canadian shines bright
T – is Total Eclipse Of The Heart at the end of the night
U – is for UnaRocks who DJs hardcore
V – is for Vodka, gimme gimme more
W – is for Wine ten euro aint that grand
X – is for the XX, our new favourite band
Y – is for YOU! because you make it right
Z – is for who needs ZZZZs when you can have SoundCheck all night!


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