Well, we blew out that candle!


Woah! Last night was just crazy, possibly the best SoundCheck ever. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came down to celebrate our first birthday in style.

UnaRocks played first, followed by Adrian Crowley, Orphan Code, The Rack Pack, Bitches With Wolves, Anthony Remedy (awesome set!) and then UnaRocks and Sarah Fox, closing it with Bonnie Tyler and Animal Collective.

We had So. Much. Fun. A lot of the action happened outside with our confessional limo featuring Father FionnTimes and his Alter(native) Boys taking confessions, doling out penances and offering absolution through Jaegermeister.

The magician also freaked everyone out substantially. And of course, there had to be a cake fight during which the giant french fancy birthday cake got mashed into someone’s face. Later on there was ice-cream fun and half-naked dancing, which was yumsies.

Best of all was the VIBE. So many people came down, and there was serious hilarity and FUN. SoundCheck is all about FUN. Anyone who goes recognises that and that really was the buzz last night. Thanks to all our SoundCheck regulars and people who DJd throughout the year for popping in and partying mucho; Delorentos (who did an excellent job of handing out the Ben & Jerry’s!), Heathers, Corina Wreckdagaffey, Dublin Streets, Will St Leger, Grand Pocket Orchestra, AdoFemBo aka DJ Swine Flu, Ragin Spice, Spaghetti Cat, and loads more other DJs who I can’t remember now!

Rock on to everyone who came down, seriously. We love you all and thank you so much for making the night so awesome.

Big up to the DJs on the night, our friends at Ben & Jerry’s, Barnsey, Anthony and Brian, all the Spy homies who always do such an awesome job for a year of Thursdays, our rocking Le Cirque sister Jane, and most of all YOU!


The SoundCheck Bitches


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