Yay it’s our birthday!


Major partytimes from 7pm this eve. Look at that sun. Yummm.

DJing in this order we’ve got:

Adrian Crowley
Orphan Code
Bitches With Wolves
The Rack Pack
Anthony Remedy
Sarah Fox

Free in before 11pm, fiver after. Spy, South William St.

We also have:
Giant pink confessional limo feat. FionnTimes and his Body of Disco confessions
Free ice-cream from Ben & Jerry’s
Free cupcakes
Free shots
€10 bottles of wine until 9pm
A magician
2-for-1 cocktails until 11pm
Le Cirque kicking upstairs from 11pm

SoundCheck’s 1st birthday party was in Le Cool magazine today, and they said:
“Just over a year ago, Thursday night went for Friday’s title as the new Saturday night. Masterminded by Sarah Fox and journalist ‘UnaRocks’ Mullally, the takeover was disguised as imaginative indie club night Soundcheck, hosted by SPY and underpinned by the promise of a friendly buzz, free cupcake buffet, cheap drinks and upbeat indie tunes to dance to weekly from 7.30pm ‘til late. Populated with the good energy of banterous regulars, reinforced with weekly sets from local DJs, musicians, artists and general messers and visited by the likes of Sigur Ros and Ladyhawke, Soundcheck has become a weekly drop-in centre for indie Dublin. This week the girls are celebrating a year of ambushing Friday’s former glory with the addition of Twister, food fights, DJ battles and a confessional limo. Not to be missed – although if you don’t make it this week, they reassure us there’s a “bajillion” more birthdays to go.”


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