THINGCHECK this Thurs!


A’right! Get ready for our second ThingCheck party at SoundCheck this Thursday 30th. ThingCheck is a rocking party between the SoundCheck massive, and our friends over at The emphasis is as always on FUN, with a great mixed crowd; gay, straight, queer, alterno-gay, bi, indie, damaged, curious, rocker, discofiend, lost politicians, fans of cheese, elitist music snobs, SoundCheckers, animals, whatever.

The last ThingCheck bash was so fucking good, so we’re really looking forward to this one.



Same rules apply: kicks off from 7pm (try our €10 bottles of wine before 9pm), free in before 11pm (two-for-one cocktails until then too!), fiver after, free cupcakes, muffins and french fancies on our cupcake buffet, awesome indie (and beyond) tunes, and lovely people. We roll late until 2.30am, and after 11pm Le Cirque kicks it upstairs.

THINGCHECK DJs this week are:
PHILTH (early set)
Fyunkie aka FionnTimes
Art Star (Lust @ Tripod, FIST @ Dragon)
5ft Queenie

See yiz there! Big love to Fionn for the flyer – rocks as always. PARTY! ZOMG.


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