All Star line-up for this Thursday


Sappnin folks? This week SoundCheck is bursting at the seams. We’ve got Disconnect 4 travelling down from the Galway massif to play some tunes for us. These guys have recently received lots of love from the Irish Times as being kids to watch, and we love them too, which is why they’re DJing!

Our homie The Vinny Club will be bringing his unique brand of endless diversity to the decks as well. Vinny, who also makes up one third of Adebisi Shank – bangs out everything from Prince to 8-bit to metal, and always whips up a serious party, so don’t miss him.

SoundCheck faves Grand Pocket Orchestra also hit Spy for a set. We never fail to have fun with these guys as they play some great, fun indie and a really good mix of everything else to get the funtimes started. We *heart* GPO!

And Loreana Rushe makes her SoundCheck debut, which we’re all very excited about. LR is a music photographer extraordinaire, and also the genius behind Fight Like Apes’ art work. Plus, she DJs loads around town and knows her stuff for sho. We’ve been trying to get her to play for ages and eventually sorted it out by positioning a giant mouse trap cage (like the one in the boardgame) over Wexford Street and BOOM, we got her. We also bumped into LR at the Fight Like Apes video shoot at the weekend and she was promising to play some “seriously weird shit” – yes!

Also on board are your SoundCheck residents Sarah Fox and UnaRocks who will be playing the freshest indie. You won’t hear better indie and beyond in town. We gots the newest cuts and the funnest stuff.

So, as usual SoundCheckers, it’s Thursday from 7pm at Spy on South William Street. We roll late til around 2.30am, with our sistas in Le Cirque rocking upstairs from 11pm if you’re into a wild electro and whathaveya party.

It’s FREE IN before 11, and just a fiver after. For that you get our cupcake buffet, 2-for-1 cocktails, awesome tunes, 2 club nights in 1 and lovely people.

See yiz down there.23-4-09


2 Responses to “All Star line-up for this Thursday”

  1. Finn Says:

    is anyone going to annie mac after?

  2. DisconnectLeon Says:

    Looking forward to this!

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