Spank You


MAJOR love to everyone who came down last night – place was rammed, what a great night! Haido, Magooo, Leigh and Rick rocked the tunes, and there was some SERIOUS dancing, especially the awesome stereo dancing at the end!

Much love to the heads from the Smedias, BTW bloggers, Fiona’s birthday posse and everyone else who hit SPY. It totally rocked.

See y’all next Thursday for our full on Holy Fuck Thursday bash with Le Cirque, Dublin Streets, the Rack Pack and our beloved Delorentos.

Spank You! And don’t forget Spank is at SPY tonight – full on disco party, we can’t wait!

Photees to come

The SoundCheck Bitches


5 Responses to “Spank You”

  1. » Blog Archive » choons for soundcheck…? Says:

    […] it was over to soundcheck …. what a cracking night. Well needed. Well deserved and very much […]

  2. Leigh O'Gorman Says:

    good stuff, setlist:

  3. ronanjohns Says:

    Hey Una,

    completely forgot Thursday night was SoundCheck night – forgot to look out for you! There was a photog there on the night… he kinda looked like Noel Fielding! Do you know if he pops his photos up on any site?



  4. unarocks Says:

    Yo! You might be talking about Peter Fingleton, he puts all his pics up on Facebook. Check them out.

  5. ronanjohns Says:

    Cool cool, I’ve dropped him a message…


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