Aint no April Fool, fool


Thursday, April 2nd, SoundCheck will be kicking. We’ve got a giant line-up with some familiar faces and fresh blood. As usual, we roll from 7pm. Pop in after work/college and grab some food with a €10 bottle of wine (I’ve tried all of the €10 wines available by now – yumsies – and am actually surprised at how nice they all are! You’d expect some plonk for €10, but they’re really good quality. Bang for yo drunk buck and all that.)

We’ll be hitting the floor til 2.30am, with Le Cirque of course rocking the situation upstairs from 11pm.

SoundCheck is as always free before 11pm and just a fiver after. For those squids, you get the freshest indie in town, serious fun, lovely people, a nice vibe, our legendary cup cake buffet (which may or may not end in a food fight), and visuals courtesy of werewolf movies and Sponge Bob Square Pants.

This week, our special guest DJs are:
Rick O’Shea (2fm, 2xm Hour Of Deadly, The Pointy Adventures Of Jean-Claude Supremo blog)
Sweet Jane (
Easy Music // Difficult Ears
And your resident DJs; UnaRocks and Sarah Fox

If you’re hitting Jason Roe’s Tweet Up ( don’t forget to head down after!

We’re also hosting the Smedias afterparty, so best of luck to all the nominees, and we’ll see you in the club!


The SoundCheck Bitches


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