Last night was our Best. Night. Yet. So fucking fun. The place was jammers and the vibe was off the chain. It’s the best mix of people we’ve ever seen in a club in Dublin, which was always our goal, to create something different, and to prove that you didn’t just have to be ‘one thing’ to draw a crowd, that you could be a whole lot of things, and a whole lot of different people would party as one, as long as those whole lot of things were a whole lot of awesome things.

Last night we did that; rich kids, broke kids, drag queens, clubber kids, nerds, indie heads, bloggers, djs, models, several bands, dykes, gays, artists, students, those enough to know better and those who still dont, journos, friends, rockers, scenesters, photographers, and fucking legends for one night and everything and everyone in between.

Big BIG ups to Universal, Derek & Rick for the screening of Role Models beforehand, Conor Le Shark, Dublin Streets, Vinny Club, Fight Like Apes & Bitches With Wolves – what a line-up, what dancing, what tunes, what fun!

If you weren’t there, hell, you missed a fucking cracker. Le Cirque was off the hook upstairs too.

There will be loads of photos to come when the fog clears! Thanks to everyone who came down and made it a really special party. What a way to end our year!


The SoundCheck Bitches xxx


One Response to “woah!”

  1. Nevee Says:

    Crap… was meant to go but couldn’t make it in the end, which was obviously my loss. Sounds like this is exactly the type of club that Dublin needed and that I want, fair play.

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