The Streets and the Orchestra


Yo! We iz back!

This Thursday, we’re starting late so we’ll be rolling from 11pm until 2.30am in the Monkey Bar, with Le Cirque upstairs as usual.

And making sure this compressed party goes off majorly are the awesome Grand Pocket Orchestra, just fresh from supporting Fight Like Apes @ the sold-out Academy gig. These kids rock, and last time we had them DJing @ SoundCheck it was so much fun, so don’t miss ’em.

And if that wasn’t enough, our monthly residents Dublin Streets will be bringing their stylish flavour to the decks.

UnaRocks and Sarah Fox will be throwing it down too, and we’ll have the usual awesome mix of cakes ‘n’ drink promos for y’all.

Le Cirque will be hosting Dave Salacious, SDK, Orlando (Ugly Megan) and LeCirque djs

This Thursday, gettit gettit!gpo


5 Responses to “The Streets and the Orchestra”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Note to grand pocket orchestra – please stop associating yourself with this pretentious bollocks. u are a great band and it’d be a shame if you put the wrong impression of yourselves out there……

  2. unarocks Says:

    SoundCheck isn’t pretentious, dude!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    it’s the worst kind of scenester bollocks imaginable, to be fair. i’d be embarrassed if anyone i knew was seen at it.

  4. unarocks Says:

    You have your opinion (although, it is anonymous, so it doesn’t matter to me!) bro, and the hundreds of happy people who come to SoundCheck every week, the great relationships we have with our DJs, and the brilliant feedback we get, is the other side to it. Guess which wins?!

    Rock on.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    missing the point, dearie… if my opinion doesn’t matter to you, why did you continue the sentence with a justification of your fabbie doobie oh-so-cool pointless club night?

    anyway, gpo – you’d do best to stay away. honestly.

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