It’s December, make some Noize for Boys (and grrls)



Whaddup! Hope you’re enjoying the wintery coldness of December. Mulled wine, yumsies.

Oh, where were we?!

SoundCheck is handing over entertainment duties to the awesomeness that is Boys Noize this Thursday, so we will be on a hiatus until next Thursday (11th). Our homegirl Jane Le Cirque will be DJing before Boys Noize. Rock on! This is going to be a savage gig, really looking forward to it.

Next Thursday (11th), there are parties on in Spy, so we’ll be opening the doors at 11pm to our SoundCheck crew and wrecking the gaff with those crazy amazingettes @ Dublin Streets and one of our favourite bands, Grand Pocket Orchestra. UnaRocks and Miss Sarah June Fox will also be playing some tunes and passing the cakes around.

We’ve got a CRACKING Christmas party on the 18th with some very special guests, so stay tuned for the goss.

Now, we’re off to make a new batch of mulled wine before our homies Sweet Jane and A Place To Bury Strangers hit ALT tonight.


The SoundCheck Bitches xxx


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