…and the winner is


Well, who won the savage Blogger DJ Deathmatch? By a narrow margin, The Chancer was awarded the accolade, after Rick O’Shea and UnaRocks crowned him king of the deathmatch following blistering tune after blistering tune.

The vibe was crazy fun in SoundCheck last night. AdoFemBo DJd first, then Sarah Fox, and then Derek The Chancer dropping everything from The Smiths to Peaches. Rick O’Shea was up then hitting everyone with a little Jay Z and much more, followed by UnaRocks. All Star Charge stepped it up after, dropping everything from Bloc Party to Rage Against The Machine. Then the deathmatch tag teaming began, and lasted until 2.30am. Everything was thrown into the mix; Xmas songs, Fight Like Apes, Guns n Roses, AC/DC, MGMT, Justice, Santogold, The Ronettes – EVERYTHING.

It was so. much. fun. There were bloggers galore, cake fights, dancing, and asorted hilarity. We also played the, er, much constrasting movies of Elephant and Nacho Libre.

Major love to The Chancer and Rick O’Shea for dropping in. We know they are very busy people, and we’re lucky to have them! That’s what makes SoundCheck so great – awesome people playing awesome music. Big ups to all the bloggers in the house too.

Till next time, my furry friends! (I’m sure there are loads of photees to follow today, so keep an eye on the blog!)


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