SoundCheck on the 13th: a message from Dublin Streets



“We’ve decided that the 90’s are definitely the new 80’s. It was a decade that saw us wearing Eclipse & Xworx jeans, Adidas tearaway trackie bottoms, soverign rings and every piece of jewellery we could get our hands on from Elizabeth Duke in Argos, Puffa Jackets, Buffalo shoes, white slouchy socks, Scrunchies and quiffs and the Swan Shopping Centre in Rathmins was the shopping mecca. What’s not to love.

So next Thursday at Soundcheck, we will be recreating the magic from this era through the medium of music. Oh yes, for one night only, 90’s joy will reign supreme. We’ll be merging, definitely not mixing, KLF with Boy George, Prince with Snap, SL2 with Vanilla Ice and Technotronic with Salt n Peppa. Oh yes, we will rock you.

Feel free, in fact feel inspired, to come wearing your favourite 90’s attire.

And remember, Thursday night is definitely the new and better Saturday night.”


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