Yes we did


SoundCheck went OFF last night. So much fun. UnaRocks started with a Diplo/Radiohead/YeahYeahYeahs-infused set. We had cupcakes and cherry tarts and French fancies – yum! Cocktails and pitchers of beer flowed and The Omen and Charlie Brown played on our projector.

After that, Ragin Spice rocked the gaff with a sublime mix of indie – some serious savage tunes, everything from Los Campesinos to Ladytron to Bloc Party and mo mo mo.

Grand Pocket Orchestra, Dublin Streets, The Movember Bros and Sistas and many more were in the gaff to witness the beauty of Bitches With Wolves take to the decks. They popped it up and dirtied it down with everything from Britney to Hole and a helluva lot of fun in between. We can’t wait to have them back!

Great party, great night, and Le Cirque was bangin’ upstairs too. Fun times!!! Rock on to everyone who came down – we love you all!

MANY more photees are to follow, these are just ones we nicked from Andrea x


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