SoundCheck this Thurs (23rd). Vampire Weekend pre+afterparty


Hope all you SoundCheckers enjoyed the weekend. We’re still recovering from last Thursday, but of course, will be back ready to indie rawk for the next SoundCheck + SoundCheck///AfterParty.

SoundCheck faves Vampire Weekend are hitting the Ambassador this Thursday, so rock into SoundCheck before the gig, where we’ll be blasting out some Vamp tunes, and other great stuff. Grab some cakes and rock it! If you want to head into SoundCheck///AfterParty after 11 from the gig, show your ticket stub at the door and get in for a recession-busting €3 instead of €5.

As usual, SoundCheck runs from 7pm – 2.30am. Before 11pm, it’s free in and we’ve got some SAVAGE cocktails going at 2-for-1. That’s just a tenner for two yumsies cocktails. After 11pm, it’s a fiver in, and we’ve got cheap and cheerful beer, cider, vodka+dash for just €4. Howdjalikethemapples?

This Thursday, the line-up is the bomb. It’s the debut SoundCheck appearance of Rapture Ponies, whose blog was singled out by the Guardian recently as one of their favourite Irish online reads.

Bluebirds Are So Natural under their moniker Songs For Swinging Children make their return after a banging set a while ago. Expect swinging tunes for swinging kids, some durrrty pop, and your favourite indie buzz.

It’s also the SoundCheck debut of Conor The Shark, an elusive character who listens to bands that don’t even exist yet. If you aren’t sure what to expect from Conor The Shark, it’s basically something like this:

Our homeboy Quigo is back from Africa and will be picking up the tempo with his favourite tunes, and your SoundCheck residents Sarah Fox and UnaRocks will also be there playing the latest cuts. And upstairs, Le Cirque will be combining their deadly mix of electro, fashion, art, dressing up, and dancing.

So, one two, one two, are you ready to SoundCheck?


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