and so it was!


Well, we expected SoundCheck to be mental last night, and indeed it was. After hitting the Urban Outfitters Student Lockdown Party, Sarah Fox DJd, then Ed Mackey dropped some really nice tunes, and Skinny Wolves took it up a notch after that.

And then… RAWK!

Dublin Streets brought the funsies, as they always do. In spite of Maser’s attempts to hijack the decks, they kept going and deserve full props for inventing the Britney Spears ‘Womanizer’ dancing/drinking game. In honor of ‘Womanizer’, we paused our projection of Blue Velvet and lashed on The L Word season 1. Just cos we can.

Then UnaRocks and Sarah Fox tag-teamed until the wee hours as Fight Like Apes and Grand Pocket Orchestra engaged in quite a vigourous exchange of Jaeger-bomb bombing.

The party went on until well after that, so kudos to anyone who made it into work/college this morning, or for any of the bands down last night making it to their gigs today!

Le Cirque was hella funsies upstairs too, some deadly tunes. We’ve got some photees on the way of all the buzz.

So, until next Thursday, my furry friends…


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