Late = Great


ROCKING night last night. SoundCheck went late and it was a blast. We had some cool anime on show as well, along with a screening of Bufallo 66 for the laugh. Le Cirque rocked upstairs, and the recession sweets and jam tarts were both big hits.

Sarah Fox kicked things off, and then YoCo stepped in with her awesomeness. After that, Halves took over with some really cool tunes. They were followed by Messiah J & The Expert who were awesome, then Podge from Ham Sandwich kicked out the jams, and finally UnaRocks played until close, finishing with a nice sandwich of Sickboy, Bonnie Tyler, Frightened Rabbit and Glasvegas.

Such a great vibe all over the place; dancing on the couches to MGMT, hats, cocktails and loads of people, so thanks to everyone who came down. Dan Dan The Photee Man was there to snap, so we should have more fun pics to show yiz soon. For the time being here are some random ones.

See yiz next week!


One Response to “Late = Great”

  1. cian Says:

    savage night. nice one to yourself and le cirque

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