All. Night. Long.


Get ready for SoundCheck AfterParty.

Yes yes, from next week (October 2nd), your favourite indie evening will be going all night long.

We’ll still have SoundCheck from 7pm – 11pm, will all the good stuff you’re used to; free entry, two-for-one cocktails, free cakes, good tunes, great guest DJs and all round awesome vibes.

Then, from 11pm, we hit SoundCheck AfterParty mode, as we take over the club and rawk until 2.30am. It’s gonna be loud and fun, with savage indie and beyond tunes, mucho special guests, with a few more surprises in store.

Us SoundCheck Bitches are exceedingly excited about going all night long, while still maintaining our evening club, which is just getting better and better as the weeks go by.

So we’ll see you tonight for another awesome line-up from 7pm – 11pm with Psychic Kids (Betamax Format), Le Galaxie, Alan Feeney and DeK, and next week, it’s SoundCheck AfterParty time!

Rock on!

The SoundCheck Bitches xxxx


6 Responses to “All. Night. Long.”

  1. missliliphoto Says:

    woo hoo ! see ya when I get back! xx

  2. The Purple Chicken Says:

    ‘All Night Long?’ You mean til 2.30?

  3. unarocks Says:

    It’s as all night as the licensing laws allow!

  4. bluebirdsaresonatural Says:


  5. Rick Says:

    I am glad to have been a trailblazer in this respect 🙂

  6. unarocks Says:

    rock on!

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