Fun, much?


How much fun was last night? Total blast.

UnaRocks kicked it off playing some new MIA remixes, dropping The Organ and Glasvegas.

Dark Room Notes picked up the tempo amongst our new recession sweetie additions (love heart sherbet dips, drumsticks and refreshers) playing some rock and roll. Everyone had some beers and cocktails and the vibe was savage.

Then it was ON. Dublin Streets dropped Gloria Estefan, New Kids on the Block, Mariah, Bloc Party and Hercules and Love Affair, teeing up Rick O’Shea who wrecked the gaff with hardcore amazing indie. And the Spice Girls!

His talents prompted a tag team tune-off between himself and UnaRocks. Everything was cracked open; Bonnie Tyler, the drum and bass version of John Waters interview on Newstalk slagging bloggers (seriously), MGMT, Hot Chip, Delorentos, Fight Like Apes and more. So awesome.

And so SoundCheck went, we couldn’t stop, so we went all the way to 2.30am even though we’re ‘officially’ done at 11pm. What did we end with? Frightened Rabbit ‘Keep Yourself Warm’. Just for the laugh, like.

Big ups to EVERYONE for coming down- the place was packed! The Dublin Streets posse, bloggers all over the gaff (hello Mulley!), Fight Like Apes – thanks for taking a break to pop in just before the Ting Tings tour, rock on! – Grand Pocket Orchestra, Phantom homies, Kiss homies, everyone was in the house!

What a deadly night.

Folks are blogging about it here and here and here. And Dublin Streets were snapping the style here, and there’s a brilliant photo-illustrated A-Z of the night here.

See y’all next week!


9 Responses to “Fun, much?”

  1. Darren Says:

    Amazing night. Thank you so much for keeping us entertained.

    (I am suffering for it today though)

  2. Ricky Says:

    went to soundcheck for the first time last night. arrived at ten to nine and a full twenty five minutes later the barman, who to be fair was by himself and over-worked, still hadnt taken my order. Farcical. Won’t be going back.

  3. unarocks Says:

    nice one Darren!

    @ Ricky – sorry you were waiting so long dude, come along next week and have a cocktail on me.

  4. peter donegan MI Hort Says:

    ditto on Darrens comment – ricky mate – its not the M50 – should have done what i did and bought 4 in the one go?!!!

    crackin’ night, crackin’ tunes and crackin’ head?!! see you soon!
    slán agus beannacht

  5. Darren Says:

    @Peter lmao – Trouble is we just drank them twice as fast.

    @Ricky It was pretty brutal, but it didn’t ruin the night. I just don’t think they were expecting the onslaught. It was surely the busiest one yet.

  6. unarocks Says:

    @ Darren, it was pretty busy alright, and it takes longer to make cocktails (good ones!) than just pulling a pint or opening a bottle or whatever. Good booze is worth the wait though!

  7. It Happened One Night « The Whole Curiosity Blog (prop. Rick O’Shea) Says:

    […] […]

  8. Sean D Says:

    gonna check out the next soundcheck but i’m a bit wary as I’ve heard a few people complain about the queue at the bar…..i’m an impatient fucker at the best of times so we’ll see how it goes. decent tunes should make up for it. una, can you get them to put more bar staff on – sounds like the demand is clearly there

  9. unarocks Says:

    Hi Sean. The fact is, when you’re making high quality cocktails, they’re not going to be done in a minute like a pint is. We’re trying our best to make things move swiftly at the bar, and I don’t think it’s a particular problem to be honest, except when there are a couple of blackspots when loads of people are ordering at once.

    My advice would be to get there early, as it’s not as busy from 7 as it is from 9. See you there!

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