Nadine O’Regan @ SoundCheck


Yoyo. Rock up to Spy tomorrow eve 7pm – 11pm (Sept 11th) because the wonderful Nadine O’Regan (Phantom, Sunday BiznezzPost) will be playing the tunes. We have a very special guest DJing too – Mr Neil Dunphy, music critic of The Sunday Tribune. Journo-tastic!

UnaRocks and Quigo will also be spinning your favourite indie tunes.

And there are cakes.

And two-for-one cocktails.

And it’s free in.



4 Responses to “Nadine O’Regan @ SoundCheck”

  1. neilward Says:

    Tempting me out on a chool-night is bold….

  2. unarocks Says:

    you know you wanna 😉

  3. neilward Says:

    Oh, this is such a fucking bad idea…..

  4. neilward Says:

    Pure evil. That’s what ye are. Though those passion fruit cocktails were yummy, and went very nicely with the cakes 🙂

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