SoundCheck this September



Sept 11th
Nadine O’Regan (Phantom)
Neil Dunphy (Sunday Tribune)

Sept 18th
Rick O’Shea (2fm)
Dublin Streets
Dark Room Notes

Sept 25th
Alan Feeney
Le Galaxie
Psychic Kids / Betamax Format

We’ve got some fun stuff coming up for October too, so watch this spaceeeeoooooo.


3 Responses to “SoundCheck this September”

  1. I’m Coming Out… « The Whole Curiosity Blog (prop. Rick O’Shea) Says:

    […] […]

  2. This Thursday night at Spy… « Tut. Sulk. Tut. Says:

    […] September 10, 2008 by nadineoregan I’ll be DJing alongside some pretty cool folk — should be loads of fun and it’s free in. I’ve been chucking around records in my house like a madwoman this evening. God, I love a bit of music-playing preparation:-) . More details here. […]

  3. women who pee on the floor Says:

    eh.. luv it ))

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