SoundCheck #6: Sandwich-tastic


SoundCheck rawked last night. Probably our funnest night yet, every week it keeps getting better and better, so come on down! Quigo DJd first, throwing in some Air and Ash, Kylie and Maximo Park. With everyone chowing down on French Fancies and cherry bakewell tarts, Sarah rocked it with Santogold and some great rock gems – we don’t know where she finds them! Some spooky record shop in darkest Toronto is clearly shipping her over this stuff. UnaRocks slipped in the MGMT ‘Electric Feel’ Justice mix and our new cheesy party favourite Futureheads V Alphabeat – ‘Hounds of Fascination’.

After that, Niamh and Podge from Ham Sandwich totally rocked the place. We don’t know whether it was the Buckfast, the two-for-one cosmos, or Podge’s, um, revealing skin tight silver leggings, but they threw up a great mix of everything from Jay Z to Tegan and Sarah, Dan Deacon to the Ramones to a couple of choice theme tunes including ‘Saved By The Bell’ and ‘The Crystal Maze’. The Sambos ensure us at SoundCheck that they will be back to play soon, so we can’t wait.

Big ups to everyone who came down – those crazy kids from Analogue magazine, Entertainment Architect homie #1, the NCAD Recession Ball revellers and everyone else.

SoundCheck #7 featuring two very tasty DJ sets from Queen Kong AND You’re Only Massive hits Spy next Thursday @ 7pm, but until then, there’s SoundCheck Fridays, starting tonight @ 7pm, with UnaRocks and Anthony Remedy playing the tunes. As always, it’s free in with two cocktails for a €10 (and the thing we dig about the cocktails in Spy is that they are QUALITY cocktails. None of this few splashes of something and a load of cranberry juice, but serious good stuff.)

Until tonight – party on!

The SoundCheck Bitches


2 Responses to “SoundCheck #6: Sandwich-tastic”

  1. anthony remedy Says:

    brilliant night!

    roll on tonight!

  2. unarocks Says:

    rockimo maximo

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