SoundCheck #5: July 24th


SoundCheck #5 is tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow. That’s Thursday the 24th. So come on down.

On the tune supply will be Haido (his first set for us, expect some upbeat indie/electro with a twist), Sarah J Fox (Foxy is back in the hizzouse having returned from touring with SoundCheck buddy Adrian Crowley), Quigo (pictured above, lookin’ hawt) and UnaRocks.

We are still in heated talks about what tasty treats will be there for tha eatin’ and what movie there for tha screenin’, but I’m sure we’ll stop punching each other and come to an agreement soon.

See yiz there, 7pm – 11pm, Spy, South William Street, free in, two-for-one cocktails, y’all know the drill.

Oh, and join the SoundCheck Facebook group if ya get a chance.


The SoundCheck Bitches


2 Responses to “SoundCheck #5: July 24th”

  1. anthony remedy Says:

    Quigo does look rather fetching in that pic!

  2. haido Says:

    Quigo always looks fetching.

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