Upcoming SoundCheck guests


For the purposes of fun, entertainment, variety and general awesomeness, we’ve invited some savage bands to come down to SoundCheck and DJ. Get into it. Oh, and more special guest DJs along with what’s listed here will be announced soon.

July 31st
+ SoundCheck DJs

Yup, Podge and Niamh Sandwich will be in the house playing you a selection of their favourite tunes. We have no idea what to expect, but it should be something along the lines of a Buckfast-soaked indie rumble.

August 7th
Queen Kong V You’re Only Massive
+ SoundCheck DJs

With ‘Dot-Dash’ – the highly anticipated collaborative album between QK and YOM – about to drop, SoundCheck will play host to two of the most intriguing bands around. You’re Only Massive announced just today that they are to split as a band, so this SoundCheck party is being billed by the band as their ‘last hurrah’. You’re not going to want to miss that, are ya?

August 14th
+ SoundCheck DJs

As soon as they get back from wrecking the gaff with a series of London gigs, C O D E S will be dropping in to DJ. With music epic enough to make Muse blush, we can expect some loud, fun and rocking indie from these dudes.

As usual, all of these SoundCheck evenings go from 7pm – 11pm, are free in, and feature tasty cakes, two-for-one cocktails, good tunes and good people.



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