SoundCheck #4: Rize, margaritas, choooons


Yohoho and a 2-for-1 cocktail. Sorry…

Anyway, SoundCheck #4 was our most funsies yet, we think! If you missed it, a great crowd came down to listen to some quality music (choice cuts from UnaRocks and Quigo were Dizzee Rascal’s ‘That’s Not My Name’ cover, a fair whack of MGMT and Santogold and Sam Sparro because he rocks. Bonnie Tyler nearly got cracked out, but that’s for another night), drink some brilliant cocktails (how good were the margaritas?) and watch David La Chapelle’s ‘Rize’ which we had projecktin’.

We also had a super big selection of treats; French fancies, cherry bakewell tarts, chocolate muffins and star icing queen cakes. They went super quick. We’re looking into getting Mr Kipling to sponsor the night 😉


Big ups to Queen Kong who dropped in to say hi, they’ll be DJing @ SoundCheck soon, which we’re really looking forward to. Along with QK, we’ve got some savage guest DJs coming up soon, which will be announced shortly.

Roll on Thursday!

The SoundCheck bitches



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