SoundCheck #3: cup cakes, excited Oxegen goers, and Adam Tensta


Much love to everyone who came down last night; from the Loft Market homies to the Mao massive to DJ Koze (!!) to 6 Foot Spice who is just back from LA after hanging out with Paris Hilton and all the other famous lesbians (srsly) and all the other folks heading down to Oxegen and those just hanging out.

Quigo dropped Adam Tensta – ‘My Cool’ at the end of his set, which made my evening, Sarah J Fox was playing everything from Nine Inch Nails to Postal Service to Levy, and as advertised, UnaRocks was playing the best to come this Oxegen this weekend; Kings of Leon, Hot Chip, Justice, the Ting Tings and beyond.

The cup cakes went down a treat too! We’re going to have to start doubling up on our weekly sweet treats coz y’all are a hungry lot!

Photees from last night, and details about next week’s SoundCheck will be posted soon, so keep an eye on the blog, and enjoy the weekend!

The SoundCheck Bitches


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