SoundCheck #3: Twas The Night Before Oxegen…


Head down to Spy this Thursday night from 7pm to 11pm for a special ‘Twas The Night Before Oxegen’ SoundCheck with some serious tunage from Sarah J Fox who will be rockin’ it up, Quigo with his masterful twisted indie sensibility, and UnaRocks who will be playing cuts from all your favourite Oxegen bands; White Denim to Holy Fuck, Fight Like Apes to Interpol, Battles to Kings of Leon, Delorentos to Hot Chip and much more.

As usual, we have 2 for 1 cocktails from 8pm to 10pm (so get there early!) and our weekly surprise patisserie selection. Erotic cookies and French Fancies have been previous guest stars, so get ready for some more sweet treats, sweet tunes, and sweet vibes. Ooh, you’re such a charmer, oh no.


6 Responses to “SoundCheck #3: Twas The Night Before Oxegen…”

  1. David Says:

    No more of them posh French fancies? This glory seeking mystery wanna-be has a lot to live up to!

  2. unarocks Says:

    All will be revealed on Thursday!

  3. emordino Says:

    My money’s on Viennese Whirls.

  4. unarocks Says:

    close, but no cigar

  5. anthony remedy Says:

    i ate 3 french whatchacallems last week…..

    please tell sarah to bring more this week!

  6. misssarahjunefox Says:

    I can’t wait!!

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