SoundCheck #2: monkey bar-tastic!


Thanks a mil to everyone who came down last night, it was a blast! There were great so-fresh-they’re-not-even-available tunes, some UV-illuminated members of Super Extra Bonus Party, a screening of American Werewolf in Paris, French fancies, a bet-winning Nialler9 who dropped Lil Wayne, conspicuous dancing, and all round good vibes.

We think SoundCheck works great in the Monkey Bar @ Spy and we LOVE monkeys! Hopefully we’ll train a monkey to Dj soon, and all will be well.

Stay tuned for details about next week’s Oxegen Eve SoundCheck blow out!


The SoundCheck Bitches x


2 Responses to “SoundCheck #2: monkey bar-tastic!”

  1. missliliphoto Says:

    sooooooooooooo sorry i couldn’t make it last nightslings 😦
    I completely intended to but then it was suddenly really late.

  2. unarocks Says:

    no worries Lilsies – next week!

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