SoundCheck launches May 29th


Bonjour – you ready for a new indie experience?

SoundCheck is a brand new indie club evening, launching at its home at Spy on South William Street, Dublin 2 on Thursday, May 29th.

One of our favourite bands (still a secret – stay tuned!) will be on hand to provide the tunes, along with the SoundCheck DJs providing you with the hottest indie soundtrack you will hear in the city.

A monthly club evening (8pm – 11pm), we will endeavour to bring you a unique mixture of art, music and people.

Only the most awesome and interesting bands will DJ and perform live. The newest acts and the freshest tunes will combine to bring you supreme enjoyment.

That musical buzz, combined with a monthly rotating art exhibition, movies, our in-house photographer (the award winning Lili Forberg) and, naturally, erotic cookies, make SoundCheck an evening avec la difference.

We’re having fun, we hope you will too.





9 Responses to “SoundCheck launches May 29th”

  1. magoo Says:

    ooh sounds good!

    best of luck! 🙂

  2. Bruno Says:

    As a fan of indie music (and blog music in general) it’s gonna be a pleasure to attend these nights.

    Here’s to all the best for you guys and girls!

  3. Stephen O Reilly Says:

    Hey good luck with the new night. It’s a cool venue. Any hints as to who is the act????

  4. missliliphoto Says:

    funsies! x

  5. Rick Says:

    You had me at erotic cookies….

  6. adam Says:

    i’ll only come if the DJ plays a Robotnik song adn i can bust my moves on da flo’ yo’. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeple waulk hawaaaaaaayyyyy

  7. unarocks Says:

    thanks folks! More details to follow soon.

  8. misssarahjunefox Says:


  9. Johnny Beirne Says:

    Good luck with it all.



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